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Importance of Devops Training

DevOps was primarily called as ‘Agile operations’ or ‘Agile System Administration’. It come about as a fusion of two major trends. Essentially it is more of a culture which includes practices that take the development and functions teams in an organization together. Numerous factors such as program performance, functional requirements and project spend have the ability to become disagreeing priorities that disrupt the co-existence of development and functions teams.


Why Choose RPA-Home

RPA-HOME has been in the field of training services for over five years and therefore we have rich experience and diverse knowledge. We could entrusted by thousands of students over time as we have helped every one of them further themselves in their professional ladder. We undertake a systematic and fully-organized approach in conducting and handling DevOps Training in Bangalore. Each technology is taught as a course which provides a solitary, comprehensive program including all the aspects such as theory classes, hands-on training, doubt clearing sessions, test-series.


We all maintain our reputation in this field by various miscellaneous practices. Our hand-picked team of experienced DevOps trainers and experts provide complete assistance and support related to the topic to all our students. The research materials have been designed and tailor-made in order to accommodate the demands of the industry. Individual attention and care is provided for all students who join our study program. Our exclusive study-aids are exclusively made and differentiate us by the high quality we provide. All our training centers have an exceptional atmosphere and ambience that permits learning, so that it is professional and interesting at the same time.Best DevOps Training in Bangalore.Marathahalli.


Devops Course Syllabus




Core Concepts

Bash Files – .bash_profile

Bash Files – .bashrc

Bash Files – .bash_history

Bash Files – .bash_logout

What Makes a File a Shell Script?

Displaying Environment Variables in a Script

Using Variables on the Command Line

Setting and Using Variables in Scripts

Comment Types and Structure

Command Substitution

Exit Status

Arithmetic Operations

Global and Local Environment Variables

Special Characters – Quotes and Escapes

Using /dev/null

The Read Statement

Shell Expansion

Types of Variables (Implicit vs. Explicit Definition)


Conditional Statements

Passing Variables to Scripts at the Command Line


Linux Basics



Unix/Linux Essentials

User and group management

Handling files

Handling errors

Log management

Package management

Linux performance troubleshooting


The If Statement



For Loop

Case Statement

While Loop

Execution Operators (&& and ||)

Input and Output

Reading Files

File Descriptors and Handles

IFS and Delimiting

Traps and Signals

Debugging Your Script

Error Handling


Simple Functions

Structure of Functions in a Script

Variable Scope in Functions

Functions with Parameters

Nested Functions

Function Return and Exit

Samples/Use Cases

Project: Advanced UI – Building a Menu System